North Las Vegas Crash: Motorcyclist Harmed In Tractor Trailer Accident on Lamb Boulevard and Nexus Way

North Las Vegas Police are examining an accident including a motorcycle and a tractor-trailer. According to the authorities, the North Las Vegas crash occurred on Thursday, September 22 at around 6:16 PM. The accident took place at the intersection of Lamb Boulevard and Nexus Way which is near Lamb and I-15.

Police expressed that the male motorcyclist entered the intersection by hitting a tractor-trailer. And the vehicle was still during the time spent finishing the turn. The motorcyclist was tossed from his bike and seemed to have serious but non-perilous wounds.

The man is depicted as being in his mid-20s. And she was taken to UMC Injury after the North Las Vegas crash. Lamb Boulevard and Nexus Way were shut from Tropical to the I-15 intersection due to the accident. The tractor-trailer driver stayed on the scene and gave off an impression of being unaffected by medications or liquor.

So far, there are no more details regarding the victims or suspects. No arrests were made after the North Las Vegas crash. An examination concerning the incident is continuous. We will keep the news updated for you!