Clarksville Crash: Some People Injured in Four-Vehicle Accident on Dunbar Cave Road and Trenton Road

Four vehicles crashed on Trenton Road and Minuscule Town Road on Friday morning. According to the authorities, the Clarksville crash happened at around 5:40 AM. They said that some people were harmed because of the accident.

Clarksville police spokesman Scott Beaubien said that the path south of Trenton in Minuscule Town has been shut And the Clarksville Police Department is requesting that drivers keep away from the area and look for elective courses until the scene can be cleared.

At around 7:15 AM, the vehicles crashed. Traffic was redirected to Old Russellville Pike and Wingate Drive. And the CPD requested that drivers stay away from these areas.

At 07:40 AM, Dunbar Cavern Road shut down close to Idlewood Drive because of accidental injury. And at 08:25 AM M, Dunbar Cavern Road returns. His wounds were minor and those included were treated at the scene.

Trenton Road resumes. A few groups were harmed in the Clarksville crash, Yet, their wounds didn’t seem, by all accounts, to be dangerous.